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Suzhou SLD Electronic Co., Ltd. was founded in 2010, located in 3E Industrial Park Suzhou. We specialize in providing researching and developing, manufacturing, sales and service for grinders, dicing saws, ancillary equipment for dicing and grinding, related spare parts and consumptive materials.

Holding the spirit of bring the continuous cost-down for customer, working with customer hand in hand to get the win-win future.

Suzhou SLD Electronic Co., Ltd. is committed to providing solutions for every customer with high-quality products.
1. Optimal machine selections for Wafer Mounter, Wafer Grinder, Dicing Saw, Detaping Machine, Wafer Cleaner,CO2 Bubbler, UV Irradiation System, Diama Flow Dispenser and so on.
2. Optimal production alternatives for Grinding Wheel, Saw blade, Tape, Dresser Board, Cutting Fluid and so on.
3. Continuous Cost Down solution by the localization of spare parts and consumptive material, the optimization for extra function of equipment and so on.

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